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Journal Papers
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Game Theory Meets Network Security and Privacy June 2013
Non-Cooperative Location Privacy April 2013
OREN: Optimal Revocations in Ephemeral Networks April 2011
ISPs and Ad Networks Against Botnet Ad Fraud April 2011
On selecting the best transmission mode for WiFi devices July 2009
On Non-Cooperative Location Privacy: A Game-Theoretic Analysis November 2009
An Evaluation of Media-Oriented Transmission Mode Selection for Multimedia Application in MANETs February 2005
Conference Papers
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A Game-Theoretic Approach for Deceiving Remote Operating System Fingerprinting October 2013
Ad-blocking Games: Monetizing Online Content Under the Threat of Ad Avoidance June 2012
One-to-n Scrip Systems for Cooperative Privacy-Enhancing Technologies May 2011
Tracking Games in Mobile Networks November 2010
Optimal Revocations in Ephemeral Networks: A Game-Theoretic Framework May 2010
On the Age of Pseudonyms in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks March 2010
ISPs and Ad Networks Against Botnet Ad Fraud November 2010
Evolution and Market Share of Wireless Community Networks May 2009
Cooperation in Underwater Sensor Networks May 2009
Revocation Games in Ephemeral Networks October 2008
Optimal Pricing Strategy for Wireless Social Community Networks August 2008
On Wireless Social Community Networks April 2008
Wireless Social Community Networks: A Game-Theoretic Analysis March 2008
Implementation of Knowledge-based Group Member Authentication in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks April 2006
CLARA: Closed-Loop Adaptive Rate Allocation for IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs June 2005
Performance Analysis of the IEEE 802.11 MAC and Physical Layer Protocol June 2005
IEEE 802.11 Rate Adaptation: A Practical Approach October 2004
Media-Oriented Transmission Mode Selection in 802.11 Wireless LANs March 2004
Simulation-Based Performance Analysis of 802.11a Wireless LAN August 2003
Books Chapter
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Online Advertising Fraud June 2011
Spectrum Sharing Games of Network Operators and Cognitive Radios May 2007

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